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The Second edition of the Vauban Sessions took place on January 28th, 2020, an initiative of the Rapid Reaction Corps-France (RRC-Fr) and CEIS. Discussions focused on the impact of digital transformation on military operations and cyberwarfare, and brought together 150 participants from various High Readiness Forces, ministries of defence, NATO and EU bodies, and industry for lively exchanges and innovative technological demonstrations.

During the Vauban Sessions, NATO C2COE Director Robert Meeuwsen participated as speaker in one of the panel sessions where he focussed on the human aspect of Command and Control in the future. Technology is changing rapidly, but the human touch should never be forgotten. ‘In the end of the decision Process you want to look someone in the eyes’.

The digital transformation impacting our societies and military forces presents a formidable challenge and a unique opportunity to bolster Command and Control. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data and hyper-connectivity have become buzzwords, yet those who truly master these new technologies will doubtless gain significant advantage in operations. The digital transformation of Command & Control will require a seamless integration of technology, but command remains principally a leadership issue, with the human factor as a central element. As such, a successful transformation must be based on enlightened leadership, adapted doctrines and concepts, and a certain cultural shift.

The Vauban Sessions are an initiative of the Rapid Reaction Corps – France and consulting firm CEIS and aim to bring together representatives of military forces from across the NATO Alliance and beyond to exchange lessons learnt and best practices linked to the digital transformation of the French Armed Forces.

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