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On January 24th, 2020, the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) welcomed Bgen Jan Blacquière, Commander of the Dutch Defense Staff International Military Cooperation Office (Internationale Militaire Samenwerking; IMS).

IMS identifies the influence of the international military environment on national defense policy and its implementation, ensuring that these are balanced by other managements in the development of their policies and measures. IMS expresses national policy positions in international forums and is the central point of contact for international military cooperation within the Dutch Defense Staff. To support this, IMS also manages the relevant international functions and relationships and coordinates this network.

Due to this position it is foreseen that IMS will take over administrative responsibility for the NATO C2COE from the Defence Material Organisation later this year.

The visit ended with an office call between BGen Jan Blacquière and Col Robert Meeuwsen. They both evaluated the meeting as fruitful.

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