The NATO C2COE Annual C2 Seminar 2020 will be held as a FREE Webinar from 10 - 12 November 2020.


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We support  NATO, nations and international institutions/organisations with subject matter expertise on Command and Control.

Our main level of interest is C2 at the Operational level with a focus on C2 Processes and Structures, Information and Knowledge Management, and Human Factors.

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Podcast C2 and Beyond | Federated Mission Networking


NATO C2COE is pleased to introduce its new podcast, ‘C2 and Beyond’, where we explore the changing landscape of military defense and... Read More → Podcast C2 and Beyond | Federated Mission Networking

NATO C2COE Department Head OPOAAA

Centre News, Publication

NATO C2COE is aware of the importance of the OPOAAA discipline as it is part of NATO’s core business. As we are expected to bridge the... Read More → NATO C2COE Department Head OPOAAA

Seminar Read-Ahead: Multi-Domain Operations


In this Seminar 2020 Read-Ahead article, NATO C2COE Staff Officer Lt Col Herbert de Groot elaborates on Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), a... Read More → Seminar Read-Ahead: Multi-Domain Operations

Welcome to the NATO C2COE portal. This is the place where we share our applicable knowledge and our news in order to improve Command and Control within NATO and within our Sponsoring Nations Defence Forces. Feel free to look around and in case of questions or requests do not hesitate to contact us via the communication means mentioned under “contact us”.
COL (NLD A) Robert Meeuwsen
Director NATO C2COE

We support NATO, Nations and International Institutions/organisations with subject matter expertise on Command and Control

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Command and Control

The exercise of authority by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces, performed through an arrangement of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities and procedures in the accomplishment of the mission.

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