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On the 4th of February, 2020 LtCol Paul Serné (NLD A) represented the NATO C2COE during the 4th Annual Network Centric Warfare Conference of the SMi Group Defence in Rome, bringing together network-enabled capability experts, as well as senior military and industry speakers sharing their valuable experiences and perspectives on the topic.

The modern battlespace requires agile, dynamic forces able to act with speed and precision. Militaries are increasingly equipped to do so by harnessing cutting-edge network technology to exploit an information advantage. By linking shooters, commanders and sensors in a fully networked environment, militaries can streamline decision-making, enhance situational awareness and increase mission effectiveness.

The Network Centric Warfare conference is designed to enable programme managers, military professionals and industry experts to discuss and explore the latest developments, technology and opportunities across the world. Given the critical need for seamless interoperability between allied forces and the nature of NCW as a force multiplier, attendees will gain valuable information for optimising their network capabilities both internally and in coalition.

LtCol Serné took the opportunity to introduce het Centre of Excellence concept to the audience and presented the results of our Future of the Command Post studies, Command and Control in the future and our C2 Demonstrator.

The visit to the NCW Conference helped foster a deeper understanding of how each Centre supports NATO’s warfare development efforts and future strategies and the Role of the NATO C2COE within the C2 community.

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* LtCol Paul Serné: Analysis and Concepts Branchhead of the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE)

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