As a Read-Ahead for the Seminar. Key-note Speaker Dr. David S. Alberts, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defense Analysis, dives into the world of Operations in Multiple Domains: What’s New, What’s Not, and the Implications for Command and Control.

Operations that involve multiple domain can range in size, complexity, duration, and the set of domains involved from relatively simple ones that involve a single entity operating in two domains to those that involve a heterogeneous set of entities, each of whom may be operating in multiple domains with very different characteristics. What is common across these operations is that operations in one domain need to be appropriately synchronized in time, space and effect with operations in one or more other domains to achieve the desired outcomes. Achieving this synchronization falls to C2.

Given the significant differences between and among operations that involve more than one domain and the differences in the C2 Arrangements that are required to manage these operations, a ‘one-sizefits-all’ label or term is problematic. Terminology matters because, if it is capable of distinguishing between different situations, it can help us quickly understand the challenges (in this case the C2 challenges) and thus suggest the nature of the solution (in this case, an appropriate set of C2 Arrangements. On the other hand, if a term does not recognize the significant differences between, in this case, operations that involve more than one domain, it may lead to misunderstanding the C2 challenges and to an inappropriate solution. The term Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) is problematic for these reasons. It paints with too broad a brush. Having said this, finding and agreeing on a new term is easier said than done.

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