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Dear member of the command and control community of interest,

Our annual NATO C2COE C2 Seminar in Bratislava, Slovakia, is postponed to November 2020 due to  COVID19. This does not alter the fact that NATO C2COE continues to prepare the seminar and I do want to keep you informed about the content.

Within NATO, both from a military as well as an academic perspective, the use and handling of the term Multi Domain Operations (MDO) is characterized by differences in interpretation maybe even a form of “mission creep”. This seems to be driven by the need to come up with an overarching concept for current and future operations across the spectrum from competition to conflict to operation (or, in familiar terms, from peacetime to crisis to war). Numerous articles are written about why the MDO concept requires significant increases in new equipment for a particular service. In our view, MDO is not all about gear, but it is a new way of thinking on actions and effects; it’s a concept. A good starting point for an open discussion which I would like to conduct with you during our Seminar.

In order to reach the depth in the seminar discussions, I show you the basic content of the presentations the subject matter experts (SMEs) upfront. This content is written by the SMEs and reflects their collection of different ideas and opinions, showing their own vision on the versatility of Multi-Domain as a term and concept. This is the opportunity to learn from, prepare your questions and refresh your personal and professional mindset.

I look forward to meeting you and the interaction that will lead to a future proof C2 for NATO!

Stay safe and kind regards,

Robert Meeuwsen
Colonel Royal Netherlands Army
Director NATO C2COE


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