As the coordinator (Department Head) for the Operations Planning, Operation Assessment, and Alternative Analysis (OPOAAA) discipline, the NATO C2COE reaches out and connects with affiliated Education & Training Facilities. Last week, we did so by visiting the Turkish Partnership for Peace (PfP) Training Centre in Ankara, Türkiye.

During this visit, the Crisis Response Operations Staff Officers Course was conducted, providing our coordinator with a great opportunity to see and experience how the PfP Training Centre conducts such a course. It was invaluable to observe the facilities, lectures, interaction with the students, and to share insights and thoughts with the school’s management. Witnessing the diverse group of students from different countries coming together to learn about Crisis Operations was fantastic and holds great value for these nations and students.

Thanks to the PfP Training Centre for the warm welcome and for sharing their thoughts. This will be very helpful in fostering further cooperation between us as the Department Head and them as a solution provider

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