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At the CYDEF Conference in Japan, Colonel Mietta Groeneveld, Director of the NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) delivered a keynote address, shedding light on NATO’s significant transformation efforts with a primary focus on Command and Control. She also moderated a panel and opened a knowledge sharing session on Thursday.

Colonel Groeneveld emphasized the necessity for this transformation, attributing it to the war in Ukraine, which has brought conflict to European borders and necessitated a strategic reevaluation within the alliance. She also highlighted the profound impact of rapid technological advancements on NATO’s operational landscape, prompting an evolution in their approach. Underscoring the addition of cyber as a newly fully recognized warfighting domain, reflecting NATO’s commitment to adapting to emerging security challenges in the contemporary landscape where cooperation between the military and the civilian world is essential, extending beyond continental borders.

Photos released by the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS).



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