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The NATO Research Task Group HFM RTG-342 “C2 Capability Lifecycle Governance” explores how to adopt a lifecycle perspective to governance of military C2 capability.

The research task group has identified preliminary high-level guiding principles for the design of C2 capability governance. The survey presents these principles, each one together with a short description. We request your feedback on the guiding principles and their description, and suggestions for any additional principles that you think are important for C2 capability governance.



RTG HFM-342 is part of the NATO Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) Panel Program of Work. The aim is to provide guidance to NATO and partners to strengthen C2 capability from a life/cycle perspective. It is endorsed by four Nations and one NATO Centre of Excellence (UK – Dstl, SWE – FOI, CAN – DRDC, AUS – DST Group, and NATO C2COE). The RTG is in operation between March 2021 and June 2024.

Processing of information: Survey responses will be analysed at an aggregated level. Any information that could potentially identify individuals will be re-worded to a more generic format. Survey data is archived in line with RTG members’ national legislations.

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