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On 5 September 2018 the NATO C2COE Steering Board accepted the task of becoming a Department Head (DH) for Operations Planning, Operations Assessment and Alternative Analysis (OPOAAA). In order to execute the task properly, preparation was required. Joint Force Development (JFD) offered to take the responsibility of being the DH for one year with NATO C2COE in a supporting role. It created the opportunity for the NATO C2COE to gradually assume the DH-responsibility while executing the necessary actions. On 1 September 2019 the NATO C2COE took over the basic DH function for the discipline. As of the mentioned date the NATO C2COE is able to perform the tasks as described in the Bi-SC 75-002.

During the process of becoming the DH it became clear that NATO C2COE should build on the DH-function and show more ambition in the field of Education & Training (E&T). Although personnel was temporarily assigned to perform the DH-function, permanent embedding of the function in the NATO C2COE organizational structure did not take place yet. Therefore, the flexibility to incorporate more activities still exists. As the NATO C2COE currently is active in three of the four COE pillars, it makes sense to add the fourth pillar ‘Education and Training’ to the activities. This will also add to 4 of the 6 phases of warfare development by ACT. Furthermore, it will enhance the NATO C2COE’s visibility.

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