Trip Report|

During Phase IIB Crisis Response Planning (CRP) of the SHAPE sponsored, operational and tactical level Command Post/Computer Assisted Exercise Steadfast Jackal 22 (STJA22), two C2 Subject Matter Experts of the NATO C2COE were integrated & embedded in the JWC EXCON FWD Advisory Team in NFS HQ NRDC ITA.

Another step towards EX STEADFAST JACKAL 22 as it ensures the application of planning processes aimed at developing effective directives and executable operational plans.

The main focus of the NATO C2COE SME’s was to support the training audience and the JWC Advisory Team with C2 advice how to implement & operate with the NFS JTF Integrated Embedded model within a NFS JTF HQ.

During their presence in HQ NRDC ITA (within J3) they were also able to contribute to further refinement of the SOIs/SOPs related to the C2-model.


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