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During the 39th edition of TIDE Sprint, LTC Frank Gubbels (NLD N MC), Subject Matter Expert at the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence, joined an on-stage panel discussion about NATO’s most urgent challenges with(in) Multi-Domain Operations. Frank was joined by Alan Mears, Senior Advisor at Deloitte Middle East; COL Gabe Hiley, Chairman – Joint Command & Control at the NATO Air Force Armaments Group. The session was moderated by Bob Gregg, Deputy Branch Head Operation Command & Control at NATO HQ SACT. 

In his opening statements Frank addressed the current confusion in NATO and the nations regarding the MDO concept. ’At a minimum MDO is a warfighting concept to integrate the new cyber and space domains. At a maximum MDO deals with the synchronised use of all instruments of national power.’  

The panel further discussed the preparation for MDO and the difference between MDO and jointness. To maintain NATO ’s advantage, we must excel across all military domains – Air, Land, Sea, Cyber and Space. The Operational Command & Control Track at TIDESprint expands the discussion around Multi-Domain Operations, connecting operators with the communications experts so that Allies and Partners remain interoperable, agile, and stronger together. 

More than 800 participants are joining this ACT-led event, both in-person and online around the world, to engage with the most pressing interoperability challenges NATO faces today and tomorrow. TIDE Sprint features 11 specialized tracks (of which Operational Command and Control is one of them) managed by Subject Matter Experts from NATO and partner nations. 

TIDE Sprints bring together operators, managers, industry and academia to share, exchange and explore ideas to help the Alliance stay at the forefront of technological change. Each TIDE Sprint track is led by an experienced Subject Matter Expert and supported by a NATO community of interest that fully understands the operators’ needs. Their role is to ensure that NATO’s war-fighters are ready to succeed in future NATO missions. 


Pictures courtesy of @NATO Allied Command Transformation 

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