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The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) launches this week a new section on their website: ‘C2 Discussion Documents’, a new interactive content platform that connects the Centre’s articles, publications and thoughts with the Command and Control community of interest.

The first item published on the platform is a draft conceptual framework on C2; a food for thought study by the NATO C2COE. The Centre wants to use the knowledge of all people interested in C2 from all over the world to improve its work and make it as relevant as possible to all. By doing so everybody interested in this topic can provide inputs for the study and help to write a document that will be of great value and support in a common understanding of C2.

The final product will be a new “Conceptual Framework on Command and Control”, the result of a joint effort of the NATO C2COE and its followers, that will provide a common basic understanding of the concept “C2” in a clear, comprehensive, understandable and manageable manner.

Ron Werkman, Expertise Management Staff Member of the NATO C2COE: ‘Since C2 has always been a topic for discussion and interpretation all over the world, we ask all that are interested in this topic, to invest a little bit of their time in reading our draft and provide remarks, better ideas and comments on this study to the NATO C2COE. The idea is to complete this study early 2021, by releasing a new chapter every few months, including the inputs we received from the interested readers. We are also looking for relevant articles and studies that can support us in creating our framework, so if you have knowledge regarding such documents, please forward them to us. It will be highly appreciated!’

The NATO C2COE will continue to develop (digital) content for the site and the Community Section. Visit C2COE.org/community for a closer look. We look forward to your input and ideas.

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