The articles in this publication will give you an impression of the successful work of the NATO C2COE and its various fields of activities.

As NATO’s think tank for the command and control field, we have had discussions in numerous workshops, designed policy documents and influenced the further development of NATO with our own projects. Building on the results of the study on the future of military headquarters, work has begun on a demonstrator that could revolutionize the provision of information in the decision-making process.

In addition, we increased our engagement in becoming a reliable and competent player in the field of NATO education and training by taking over the role as Department Head for Operations Planning, Operations Assessment and Alternative Analysis. The structure of the NATO C2COE will be affected and we will have an additional section dealing with E&T.

Apart from the work on content, 2019 was also a year in which the organizational framework conditions proved to be a major task. It is no secret, therefore, that the new NATO Command Structure and the resulting personnel secondments from the member states also have consequences for the COE’s.

As understandable as the obligations towards NATO are, the work in the COEs, specifically in the field of command and control, is also important for modernization. In 2020, a priority task will thus be to find new, efficient and motivated partners in order to be able to offer the work of the NATO C2COE as a stable guarantor for the benefit of NATO in the future.

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