Based on the Swedish Public Health Agency’s raising of the COVID-19 domestic contagion risk to VERY HIGH, and in concert with Swedish public health authorities, HQ SACT reluctantly is forced to cancel the 2020 Spring TIDE Sprint. Due to this decision our C2 track is also cancelled for the event.

The Think-Tank for Information Decision and Execution Sprint or TIDE Sprint is one of ACT and NATO premier think-tank events for promoting innovation and rapidly evolving concepts and specifications in order to progress, improve and federate interoperability between NATO and Partner Nations C2 capabilities and IT services. TIDE Sprints are part of an Interoperability Continuum that includes the TIDE Hackathon and the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise, so that NATO and its partner nation can design and federate interoperability into their C2 capabilities and IT services.

In addition, TIDE Sprints are increasingly seen as an essential part of NATOs warfighting agenda. The record number of participants at previous events demonstrate that, although driven from the highest level of NATO, adaptation is also a ‘bottom-up’ activity that will only succeed with the engagement, cooperation and ‘spirit’ of events such as TIDE Sprint. This TIDE Sprint will demonstrated once again how, by working alongside scientists and engineers from industry and academia; NATO managers and operators achieve in a single week what would otherwise take many months.

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