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The NATO Science and Technology Organization RTG consist of members from Defence and Research Development Canada, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory United Kingdom, Defence Science and Technology Group Australia, the Swedish Defence Research Agency and the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (MAJ Ralph Dekker). Led by Canada, the RTG produced an article discussing the impact of upcoming security trends on C2 governance.

The article is an analysis of NATO and allied documents and is conducted to identify and synthesize the major forecasting trends of the Future Security Environment (FSE) that represent a core set of challenges and requirements for future C2. This paper presents an overview of this work, including a description of themes that emerged from the analysis of the literature and of the implications of these themes for future C2. Generally, forecasts suggest that the FSE will entail greater conflict among both nation states and non-state actors, occurring in a broad range of physical, social, economic, and informational domains, in complex environments, with adversaries employing inventive, non-traditional strategies and tactics. The paper ends with a discussion of the implications of the FSE for C2 capability and the challenges entailed regarding the transformation of C2 governance.

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