During the Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium 2023 held in Colorado Springs, USA on Thursday, February 24th, 2023, Colonel Mietta Groeneveld, Director NATO C2COE, participated in a panel discussion on one year into the Ukrainian Crisis from a NATO Command & Control perspective. The event was organized by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFCEA and aimed to address cybersecurity challenges, community cyber readiness, and homeland defense faced by the NATO alliance, with the theme for this year being “Post-Pandemic Zero Trust.”

“As our workforce emerges from the pandemic, modern demands for ubiquitous access to networks from unsecure locations lead to challenging new security dilemmas and a rise in the porosity of previously secure network perimeters. Couple this with recent nation state aggressions that have been increasingly preceded and accompanied by significant cyberspace attacks and the stakes escalate even further. Even once-highly-secure space assets are being progressively affected as commercially provided services play larger roles in defense systems. This new paradigm requires more consideration of how users can be granted access, and how security teams can monitor what users are doing with the access they’ve been granted in order to minimize risks.

Many senior cyber leaders both within and without of government have advocated zero-trust models to reduce risk exposure by eliminating unnecessary access and privileges across critical systems. RMCS23 invites Government, Industry, and Academia to join us in an exploration of current requirements, best practices, and case studies in the application of zero trust, least privilege, contextual authentication, exception-based security and similar technologies to our current post-pandemic security environment.”

More information of the event:

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