NATO C2COE is pleased to introduce its new podcast, ‘C2 and Beyond’, where we explore the changing landscape of military defense and the impact that technology plays in shaping a more secure environment. C2 and Beyond gives listeners a unique perspective on C2 topics, presented by scholars and military thinkers from across the globe. Each week, a new guest discusses C2 and technology alongside a member of the NATO C2COE staff to help the audience better understand the implications for NATO and the world as a whole.

In the first episode LT Adrian Granillo (USA N) is talking to LTC Frank Gubbels (NLD N MC) to dive deeper into what FMN is? What does it mean to “Federate”? Is this is a key feature to FMN or a hinderance to achieving total and complete synchronous? In 2020, is FMN where it should be? How has the emergence of COVID-19 impacted the greater FMN efforts? All these questions and more are still of hot debate, but begin to put the scope of this effort in to full view.

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