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On behalf of the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence, Major Marcel Scherrenburg (NLD A) gave a keynote speech and joined the panel discussion during Vauban Sessions 2022 (18th and 19th of January, 2022). The theme of this event was “From Data to Decision: Technical, operational and Human Challenges for C2”.

The presentation can be viewed HERE

The 2022 Vauban Sessions, hosted virtually on 18-19 January 2022 by the French Rapid Reaction Corps and CEIS-Avisa Partners, brought together over 150 participants from 19 countries. The debates, held under the Chatham House rule were moderated by former NATO SACT General (rtd.) Jean-Paul Paloméros, and gathered speakers from NATO and EU institutions, and national and multinational military leadership.

To maintain their operational superiority in contested physical, cyber and electromagnetic environments, the military have engaged in deep digital transformation processes. Data is the lifeblood of efficient decision-making in modern warfare: processed into valuable information, it enables military commanders to take faster and enlightened decisions, leveraging a constantly updated vision of the battlefield. But a number of technical, operational and human challenges still face the use of data in #Command and #Control (#C2) systems at the collection, processing, storage and transmission stages.

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