The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence joined the discussion about Multi-Domain Operations during the first NATO Multi-Domain Operations Conference hosted by ACT in Oxford, United Kingdom.

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Philippe Lavigne hosted the first-ever NATO Multi-Domain Operations Conference in Oxford, United Kingdom, March 16-18, 2022. The event was co-hosted by Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, United Kingdom Chief of the Defence Staff. This Multi-Domain Operations conference was the first of its kind for NATO as the Alliance creates a shared understanding of basic concepts and principles of Multi-Domain Operations.

At the conference, military, academic and defence industry stakeholders engaged in strategic discussions on issues relevant for NATO and Nations on the implementation of Multi-Domain Operations and looked to understand national perspectives on Multi-Domain Operations as well as crisis escalation management. Stakeholders left the conference with a better understanding of NATO’s Multi-Domain Operations vision and a path to further develop the Alliance’s concept.

The NATO C2COE opened the second day with a keynote speech about Multi-Domain Command and Control, which led to fruitful discussion during the following break-out sessions about current capabilities and future challenges.

‘Over the course of the last 3 years the adoption of the term MDO within NATO documents has produced a vision of cross-domain coordination. Some of them, but not all, seem to narrow towards horizontal synchronization, specifically between the military domains.  While this development has helped to achieve clarity on definitions, it has introduced another dilemma for all of you today… is MDC2 in its current state another capstone concept regarding synchronization with non-military actors… or is it a warfighting principal for future use?’


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Pictures: Courtesy of NATO Allied Command Transformation, 2022


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