The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence is currently supporting the computer-assisted command post exercise (CAX/CPX) STEADFAST JACKAL 2023 (STJA3). In order to train and build a strong Joint Command and Control Capability (Deployable) and further preserve the peace, security, and territorial integrity of Alliance member states.

Supporting exercises with C2 expertise is a core activity for the NATO C2COE. This in order to catalyze C2 by Evaluation and Analysis, focussing on the overarching joint function C2.

STJA23 is a Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)-sponsored exercise at the operational and tactical levels to train and evaluate Eurocorps as a NATO Joint Task Force (JTF) Headquarters for 2024. The secondary training audiences of the exercise include the Spanish Logistics Brigade, serving as the Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG), and the Spanish Joint Force Air Component (JFAC). Directed by the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), STJA23 aims to test Eurocorps in planning and conducting a non-Article 5 crisis response operation beyond NATO’s borders, focusing on the land, air, and cyberspace domains. The exercise’s small joint operations scenario is aligned with NATO’s 360-degree approach to security and addresses key challenges facing NATO’s Strategic Direction-South.

It refines warfighting skillsets in a simulated contingency environment where they established command and control to overcome complex operational dilemmas with a distinctly comprehensive approach.

Directed by NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre, the exercise trains the participating NATO Nations and Non-NATO Partners to ensure the Alliance maintains its readiness. This is a key exercise for the Alliance, as Nations will be trained and evaluated on their ability to successfully conduct joint NATO operations in the following year.

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Photos by: Bastian Koob, Tore Ellingsen & JWC PAO

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