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The NATO C2COE initiates, in collaboration with the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre, the publication of the NATO C2COE Annals of C2. This NATO C2COE Annals of C2 is a peer-reviewed military journal designed for the publication of scholarly papers in the field of C2 in military operations and C2 related disciplines.

Do you want to join this initiative? More information: c2coe.org/annals 

The NATO C2COE Annals of C2 seeks high-impact contributions that enhance, understand, and clarify research and case studies which may contribute to a deeper understanding and application of C2, including the role of multi-domain operations (MDOs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The NATO C2COE Annals of C2 aims to address three main areas in the field of C2:

  1. Processes and structures, focusing on the effectiveness and efficiency of the operational level headquarters and the processes that these organizations execute.
  2. Information and knowledge management, focusing on how individuals, teams and entire organizations create, share and apply knowledge in order to better achieve their objectives.
  3. Humans factors, focusing on understanding how people perform under different circumstances; that is, on the interrelationship among humans, between humans and their supporting tools, and between humans and their professional environment (including insights of anatomy, physiology, physics, biomechanics, psychology and sociology).

Papers can be grounded in (multiple) disciplines that study leadership, management, education and training, organizational behavior, security and crisis management, social psychology, political science, information management, computer science, artificial intelligence and data science.

The target audience is the civil / military academic community as well as the military commanders. Therefore, the papers must both meet academic standards and yield actionable information in the field of C2. That is to say, the papers must be easy to read, and provide new and applicable C2-insights.

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