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HQ SACT’s COE Periodic Assessment (PA) Team visited the NATO Command and Control COE (NATO C2COE) located in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 30 June – 01 July 2021.This was the third periodic assessment of the NATO C2COE since its establishment and it again resulted in a positive outcome.

The NATO C2COE demonstrated full compliance with the Accreditation and Assessment criteria and proved that the products and services provided by the COE since its last Periodic Assessment in June 2017 remain entirely consistent with the quality, standards, practices and procedures within NATO.

‘The NATO C2COE is one of the most mature and highly experienced centres in the COE community and continues to be an excellent example of a NATO-accredited COE that provides remains an extremely valuable C2 analysis and observations asset to NATO. In accordance with its stated vision, the NATO C2COE supports NATO, nations and international institutions and organisations with Command and Control subject matter expertise with its primary focus at the operational level.’

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