On 18th of August, the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence welcomed three German officers who attend the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College (German Staff College (BwCSC)).

The main goal of their visit to the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence was to familiarise with the work and efforts of the Centre on the Operational Level Multi-Domain Operations discussion, its current challenges and the centre’s the role within the field of C2.

Following insightful presentations by staff officers and an open discussion session that offered the guests the opportunity to delve deeper into the matter of Command and Control, the officers left well informed.

One of the objectives of the NATO C2COE is to assist NATO, Member countries and international organisations in enhancing their Military Command and Control capabilities. As Germany is still a member in 2021, the BwCSC had the opportunity to use the services of the NATO C2COE without any hesitation and/or additional costs.

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