The articles in this publication will give you an impression of the successful work of the NATO C2COE and its various fields of activities in 2020.

Director NATO C2COE COL (NLD A) Robert Meeuwsen: ‘2020 will go down in history as a remarkable year; the pandemic has thoroughly and permanently changed what we consider to be normal and routine. We therefore expect that what will be normal in the future, after the pandemic, will differ drastically from what we were used to. Nevertheless, let me first point out that there are also things that have not changed at the NATO C2COE, such as comradery, professionalism and qualitatively outstanding output. They should not be taken for granted.’

The NATO C2COE continues to look at the use and integration of modern technologies by NATO’s operational level HQs, ever more in conjunction with other players, to achieve its objectives. This incorporation process is ongoing at an increasing speed and depth. As Wing Commander (GBR AF) Rob Smeaton, former staff officer SHAPE Cyber Division, expressed in our 2016 C2 seminar, it implies that: “We must respond, with little notice, so at high readiness, simultaneously to a range of different scenarios across the spectrum”. A complicating fact is that opponents do not respect legal boundaries and intentionally test the thresholds of the Alliance by targeting specific nations, today. Developments not only stress C2 at all levels and across domains, but also speeding up the consultation process between allies and reinforcing societal resilience in the nations. NATO decision-making is the focal point for the NATO C2COE. Should not a joint, operational-level HQ be fighting NATO’s everyday battle involving all domains with a political/societal mandate? Why be certified once every two years for a potential crisis, if the conflict is ongoing?

The NATO C2COE working environment, NATO Transformation, therefore offers curious staff officers enough topics for personal development. Their sending nations will surely benefit. As the required specific NATO C2 knowledge is scarce, a posting at the Centre complements and strengthens their knowledge acquired in their former positions and prepares them for relevant participation in future jobs, be it at home or in NATO. You are cordially invited to join us.

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