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The NATO Command and Control Center of Excellence (NATO C2COE) has started a close collaboration project this week with The Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and Enliven Media. The production of the follow-up project to the ‘Future of the Command Post’ studies (Part 1Part 2), the Multi-Domain Operations C2 Demonstrator (MDOC2D) has started jointly.

This collaboration will yield its first tangible product in the coming months: an insight into the Commando Post of the future with the help of Virtual Reality. The operational-level MDOC2D provides a unique look at how commanders can use new technology to improve C2 and become less dependent on traditional, physically centralized Command Posts and structures.

HCSS makes models and monitors for public and private organizations to improve their Situational Awareness and give them a better understanding of their strategic environment. Implementing these models is one of the spearheads of the MDOC2D project.

Enliven Media introduces new, effective forms of learning and training by opening the door to a whole new perspective, using virtual reality. The MDOC2D will become a mix of Real Life Interaction and a Virtual Reality experience that is unique within Command and Control.


C2COE Director Colonel Robert Meeuwsen:

A collaboration like this shows the resilience between the military organisation and its civil partners. In times of COVID-19, where physical meetings are less possible, we as a knowledge center are well able to continue our daily activities by using new technology. This cooperation is a good example of within adaptive armed forces.’


A possible Roadshow after the summer of 2020 will demonstrate the potential of this application to improve and accelerate military C2 efficiency and the decision-making process (also known as the Decision Making Process, or DMP for short) through increased Situational Awareness and faster processing of information in a Command Post. This makes the operator more aware of the possibilities of state-of-the-art technologies to support military decision-making.


More information: C2COE.org | hcss.nl | www.enlivenmedia.nl

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