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The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence joined the discussion on Multi-Domain Operation Command and Control during the MDO-Conference, organised by the Directie Operationeel Beleid en Plannen of the Dutch Armed Forces. This day brought together key-leaders of all  services in order to find  consensus on the term MDO (the Dutch perspective) and what actions the Dutch Armed Forces should take as a defence organization to become future-proof. This to be able to cope with current and future threats.

How to synchronize effects from all domains (land, sea, air & space, cyber) when deploying the armed forces? What is needed for that?

After the Opening remarks by the CHOD General Onno Eichelsheim, NATO C2COE Director Colonel Mietta Groeneveld clarified NATO’s perspective on MDO and its developments in becoming an MDO-enabled Alliance, improving  its effectiveness and interoperability.

The conference is another step closer to operationalizing MDO and enhance the C2 and operational capabilities.

Pictures: LinkedIn, Dennis Luyt

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