This week in Dresden, Germany, NATO Allied Command Transformation is conducting the Think-Tank for Information Decision and Execution Sprint, or “TIDE Sprint.” This event stands as one of Allied Command Transformation’s and NATO’s leading think-tank gatherings, aimed at fostering advancements and innovations that rapidly evolve concepts and specifications to enhance and design more interoperable partnership between NATO and Partner Nations. TIDE Sprints tackle interoperability from multiple perspectives, including people, processes, and technology, by encouraging operators, engineers, scientists, and academics to share ideas and collaborate on current and future solutions.

Each TIDE Sprint is composed of several Tracks. Each Track is guided by a specialist from a NATO Command or a volunteer from a National level. They work together with their Community of Interest to pinpoint emerging needs, urgent issues, and opportunities for innovation. One of the Tracks is specifically dedicated to Joint C2 in a Multi-Domain Environment.

Last year, the theme of our Annual C2 Seminar was Executing C2 in a Multi-Domain Environment: Who is in Command and Who do We Control? A great read-ahead for this track:

More information on the event:

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