NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) concluded its most comprehensive futures research in years, encapsulated in the Strategic Foresight Analysis 2023 (SFA23).

This report will be a starting point for future research, like NATO’s Future Operating Environment project. It focuses on adapting NATO’s Military Power to face future challenges and opportunities.

The Strategic Foresight Analysis 2023 (SFA23) provides a shared understanding of the Evolving Security Environment to 2043, thus establishing the context for Allied futures thinking. Based on this context, the Future Operating Environment 2024 (FOE24) will address the military problem sets for Allied Warfare Development. FOE24 will also serve as a baseline for further conceptual and strategic thinking. The renewed foresight cycle, consisting of SFA23, FOE24 and deployable foresight analytics capacities, will facilitate collective futures thinking within the Alliance, as well as augment individual Ally’s foresight capabilities.

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