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On 24 January. 2024, Director of the NATO C2COE, Colonel Mietta Groeneveld, joined the Mobile Deployable Communications Conference in London, stressing the need for rapid adaptation of the Alliance to be well prepared for conducting Multi-Operations. She presented her thoughts during the sessions on Advancing Alliance C2 Capability through a Focus on the Operational Level.

As the session unfolded, Colonel Groeneveld shared a perspective that holds the key to shaping the industry’s future: “We need to get out a common vision on digitalisation, that’s where the transformation will take place”

The timely deployment and establishment of the necessary command and control networks are weaknesses faced by all armed forces. Enabling the ability to conduct operations from distributed and dispersed locations through deployable comms advances is crucial. When doing so, we cannot afford to think in national military silos when it comes to this field.

“It will be all about NATO’s adaptability and will require a different approach and cooperation with the commercial industry and civil society. As we move away from platforms towards robotisation, connectivity, (human) decision-making, and data analysis fields will change fast, and demand will be significant across the whole military field. However, there will also be a decrease in traditional (military) communication systems as they are outpaced by commercial technology.”


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