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The 16th meeting of the Steering Board of the NATO C2COE took place on Friday the 23rd of September 2022 in de Bilt, The Netherlands.

The meeting brought together representatives from all of the NATO C2COE-associated nations: The Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and the United States. Mr. Robert Gregg (ACT, USA) joined the meeting (via digital means), as he is NATO C2COEs point of contact to ACT. The Steering Board plays a significant role in planning the Centre’s activity, particularly in terms of identifying strategic development perspectives, funding current and future activities as well as approving fundamental documentation required for the Centre’s further existence.

The most important decisions taken during the Steering Board Meeting included approving the 2023 Programme of Work, which constitutes the plan of all activities to be undertaken by the NATO C2COE next year, as well as approving the budget for the Fiscal Year. Besides the Steering Board discussed the introduction of a new informal body: the Advisory Board.

This Steering Board meeting means the start of a new, challenging year of the NATO C2COE. The next Steering Board meeting will be held in March 2023.

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