‘You will have to build trust to enable synchronization; trust and the right connections are key at every level. We need to achieve integration by design, and that is all about C2.’

Last Friday, we welcomed Lieutenant General (Ret’d) Pascal Delerce (FRA AF) to our office in Utrecht for the recording of a new episode of the NATO Senior Mentors Podcast. The informal meeting went hand in hand with fruitful discussions on Command and Control and its role within Multi-Domain Operations.

This series of podcasts with ACO Senior Mentors, who are all former high-ranking officers and commanders working in and for NATO, aims to capture their knowledge of and experiences in NATO and discuss Command and Control  in NATO future warfare. The aim of the NATO C2 COE and NATO senior mentors is to foster the military strategic debate for a wider audience, including staff officers, in order to prepare them for future endeavors and support cultural change.

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