Lieutenant General Sharpy, Deputy Chief of Staff, Capability Development NATO SACT, dives deeper into multi-domain operations and the future of warfare and the associated challenges that come with it, as part of the read-ahead package of the NATO C2COE’s Annual Seminar in November.

‘In today’s interconnected world we must consider the implications of every decision, and the demand for the delivery of the right information at the right time. Moving forward, we must build inherent interoperability under a multi-domain C2 (MDC2) umbrella that not only enhances our effectiveness, but also increases efficiency as we fuse data into actionable information faster than our adversaries; this is a complex challenge to meet. We must be the first to the finish line with MDC2 in order to maintain our collective security. Now is the time to think about what this future state will be and how we will collectively get there.’

The NATO C2COE’s Annual Command and Control Seminar will be held from 9 – 12 November 2020 In Bratislava, Slovakia, and will focus on multi-domain operations and its impact on C2. The aim of the seminar is to challenge participants’ preconceived notions of multi-domain operations by providing the latest insights and perspectives on C2 and a changing operational environment. In order to achieve this, the C2COE will invite a variety of experts to share their viewpoints on various aspects of multi-domain operations, thus illustrating the needs, opportunities, and challenges surrounding the current and future battlefield.

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