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It is the ongoing mission of the NATO C2COE to analyze and develop the future C2 concepts and best practices for NATO leaders. In this iterative analysis cycle the need to develop C2 theory along side academic partners as well as the C2 community of interest is ever apparent. It is this sort of thoughtful, holistic analysis that creates meaningful analysis for future endeavors.

Now, the current questions that face leaders across NATO is in the way that we balance emergence of technological enablers against C2 processes. It is readily apparent to all that technology has already and will continue to play an active part in the way a commander leverages their C2 capabilities. With this evolution, the complexity created in understanding and defining multi-domain operations and the complex endeavor space is one that few have truly gained a grasp on. Though the road to understanding is complex, the active cooperation with academia helps shed light on the remaining unknowns.

In this final episode of the first season of our podcast ‘C2 and Beyond’ LtCol (NLD N MC) Frank Gubbels, sits down to discuss this topic with the esteemed Dr. David S. Alberts.

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Dr. Alberts is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Defense Analyses and President of the International C2 Institute. His current research interests including C2 Agility for socio-technical organizations that allocate decision rights to non-human entities and autonomous systems operating in a cyber contested environment. Previously, Dr. Alberts served for over a decade in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Most recently as the Director of Research for OASD (NII) / DoD CIO. Prior to this he was the Director, Advanced Concepts, Technologies, and Information Strategies (ACTIS), Deputy Director of the Institute for National Strategic Studies, and created DoD’s Command and Control Research Program. This included responsibility for the Center for Advanced Concepts and Technology (ACT) and the School of Information Warfare and Strategy (SIWS) at the National Defense University. He has more than 25 years of experience developing and introducing leading edge technology into Private and Public Sector organizations. This extensive applied experience is augmented by a distinguished academic career in Computer Science and Operations Research and Government service in senior policy and management positions. Dr. Alberts’ publications include the following books: The Agility Advantage, Planning for Complex Endeavors, Understanding Command and Control, Power to the Edge, Information Age Transformation, Understanding Information Age Warfare, Network Centric Warfare, Unintended Consequences of Information Age Technologies, and others that are available at

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