Last week the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence organised the annual Command and Control Webinar. The three day-webinar, Framing #C2: Understanding C2 in Layered Operational Environment dealt with a broad range of topics, all relevant in generating answers to our questions. We have dealt with how we could and should understand domains and our environment, how to deal with information access and data processing, C2 governance and understanding the concepts of #MDO and #JADO (with their shortfalls) best practices and we identified work to be done at those concepts.

As NATO C2COE director COL Mietta Groeneveld (NLD A) concluded in her final speech: ‘The field of C2 is arguably one of the most challenging to master. It needs continuous work, new insights, an embracing of lessons identified and most importantly sharing our knowledge. Therefore, I look forward to working with you and others again, strengthening our capabilities, and most importantly, our community as a whole.’

We look forward to seeing you next year! Keep an eye on our website and Social Media channels as we will publish some of the presentations and review documents in the upcoming weeks.


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