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AI and Data Analytics are fundamental in executing Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). The complexity of military decision-making at the operational level has become so high that good decision-making without data-driven decision support is no longer possible. The Director of NATO C2COE, Colonel Mietta Groeneveld, shared NATO’s vision on MDO, digitalization and AI last Wednesday during a roundtable of the Permanent Defense Committee of the House of Representatives, in preparation for the creation of new Dutch military policy for future military action.

As the Alliance wants to be able to conduct MDO in 2030, NATO’s Digital Transformation is a prerequisite for that and the responsible (ethical) use of AI is seen as fundamental in securing a competitive edge. This can only be achieved if all Allied Nations develop the people, process, and technology to enable the full potential of the whole-of-the-Alliance. The Netherlands has therefore developed policies to guide that national transformation. The NATO C2COE supports NATO and nations in the C2 journey towards effective and efficient MDO.

Want to know more? Re-watch the entire roundtable (Fully in Dutch): https://debatdirect.tweedekamer.nl/2024-03-20/defensie/suze-groenewegzaal/informatiegestuurd-optreden-multi-domain-operations-en-defensie-strategie-data-science-en-ai-14-45/video

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