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Every year, NATO’s Command & Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) organizes a seminar on a particular aspect of Command & Control (C2). This year’s seminar will take place as an in-person event from 08 – 10 November 2022. The seminar for 2022 is titled “Executing C2 in a Multi-Domain Environment – Who is in Command and Who do We Control”.

The aim of the seminar is to inform and challenge participants on the arguments and theory surrounding multi-domain operations (MDO) and multi-domain C2 (MDC2) by providing the latest insights and perspectives on C2 in a layered operating environment. In order to achieve this, the NATO C2COE has invited a range of experts – from academia and across The Alliance – to share their viewpoints on various aspects of MDO and MDC2, thus illustrating its increased relevance, while providing the initial framework for C2 in the not too distant future battlefield.

More information and registration: c2coe.org/seminar

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