At the NATO C2COE, we partially staff our center with a so-called flexible workforce. This approach encompasses various aspects, but essentially, we aim to maximize the contributions of our valuable colleagues, regardless of their backgrounds. Our team includes individuals with military roots as well as those from outside the military sphere. Our shared goal is to leverage expertise and strive for excellence.

NATO C2COE staff-officer MAJ Steven Hornstra, active partly civilian at Maastricht University and partly military at the Netherlands Army, recently saw one of his articles published in the Ukrainian Journal of Educational Studies and Information Technology. Collaborating with co-authors prof. dr. Steven Durning, LCOL. dr. Jaap Hoogenboezem and prof. dr. Walther van Mook, they explored an integrated instructional design model to bridge the gap between skills training and academic education at a military academy.

The article proposes an innovative integrated instructional design model called the TrEd ID model. It aims to bridge the gap between military skills training and academic education for officer cadets. The model encourages collaboration between military instructors and civilian academicians, ultimately preparing cadets effectively for their roles.

It can be read for free at:

Ukrainian Journal of Educational Studies and Information Technology is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to modern information technologies and actual problems of education. The journal publishes original articles that present the results of thorough research, and provides an open platform that meets the needs of the scientific community to obtain new information.

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