The NATO C2COE, along with other NATO Accredited Centres of Excellence, convened in Brussels during the Biennial COE Conference. The 2024 edition of the NATO-Accredited Centres of Excellence Marketplace occurred at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on May 22-23, 2024. This event fostered strong collaboration between NATO Headquarters, Allied Command Transformation, and the 30 Centre of Excellence Directors.

During the Marketplace, Rear Admiral (UH) Placido Torresi, Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Force Development, emphasized the importance and added value of the Centres of Excellence for the alliance, particularly in light of its transition toward Multi-Domain Operations.

During the event, each Centre of Excellence had the opportunity to showcase national contributions made to the Alliance, allowing NATO International Staff and International Military Staff personnel to recognize, understand and embrace the value of the 30 accredited Centres in terms of expertise, support and advice provided. The Centres promoted their work and shared examples of their products and outputs, from Warfare Development Agenda to Multi-Domain Operations contributions, Cognitive Warfare and Layered Resilience, delivered to NATO on behalf of their Sponsoring Nations.

If you’re at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, don’t hesitate to visit our stand tomorrow (Thursday, May 23) as the Marketplace is still in progress.

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