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During our Tuesday Morning Huddle, KPLAO Pieter, Defensity College Student and NATO C2COE Staff member, provided an in-depth presentation on the European Union’s initiatives to improve Military Command and Control, the history of the supranational entity and what the EU and NATO have in common when it comes to security. This presentation offered Staff officers an overview of the EU’s activities and shed light on Pieter his current research focus.

These knowledge sharing sessions play a crucial role at our Centre of Excellence by stimulating discussions and generating new perspectives and ideas. By collaborating with students from universities across the alliance, we not only pass on our knowledge to the next generation but also gain fresh viewpoints and opinions from the academic world. This collaborative effort enriches our understanding and expertise, creating a mutually beneficial exchange between the military and civilian scholars.


About Defensity College:

The Defensity College offers Dutch students a unique part-time job of 1 to 2 days per week to explore the organization and make a contribution. Students can apply their specific academic knowledge and receive military training at the same time. This allows them to make a difference in society during their studies.

The idea is for every student to contribute to a safer world, whether they are mechanical engineers, psychologists, IT specialists, or historians. Students can work on study-specific assignments as well as general tasks that require analytical thinking. An additional benefit is the bridge that students create between the Ministry of Defense and society.


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