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The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed 22-11-22, will enable further collaboration with each other on developing specific, tangible knowledge regarding C2 operations. This will involve the exchange of research, development, testing, evaluation and validation of C2 concepts or efforts to improve the quality of C2 in the multi-domain environment. Additionally, the MOU institutionalizes the relationships between the two parties on supporting each other in projects stated in the Programmes of Work of both institutions.

The MoU was signed in Utrecht, the Netherlands, by Colonel Mietta Groeneveld (NLD A), Director NATO C2COE and Colonel Chris Horner (CAN AF), Commanding Officer CJWC.

Colonel Mietta Groeneveld, Director NATO C2COE: “Canada is advanced in their national (MDO) C2 development, collaboration will be beneficial for both NATO and Canada with further development of both national as NATO MDO-C2 and ensuring synchronisation and convergence of MDO enablement.


The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) is a multinational organization designed to permanently focus on specific areas of C2, primarily at the operational level. These three specific areas are C2 processes and structures (including connectivity), Information and knowledge management (IM and KM); and Human factors including leadership.

By concentrating purely on these C2 aspects, the NATO C2COE is unique; no other NATO related organisation focusses exclusively on the overarching joint function C2. It gains its expertise by assessing and evaluating C2 aspects during missions, exercises and experiments.

About Canadian Joint Warfare Center (CJWC)

The Canadian Joint Warfare Center (CJWC) is an all arms and services center based in Ottawa, Ontario. The mission of the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre is to lead the targeting, modelling and simulation, organizational knowledge and capability development experiences of the CAF to prepare joint forces for various operations.

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