The aim of the seminar is to inform and challenge participants on the arguments and theory surrounding multi-domain operations (MDO) and multi-domain C2 (MDC2) by providing the latest insights and perspectives on C2 in a layered operating environment. In order to achieve this, the NATO C2COE has invited a range of experts – from academia and across The Alliance – to share their viewpoints on various aspects of MDO and MDC2, thus illustrating its increased relevance, while providing the initial framework for C2 in the not too distant future battlefield. 

Day 1 (02 November, 1430 / 0930 (CET / EDT))

COL Soenke Marahrens, German Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies
Dr. Jeffrey Reilly, US Air Command Staff College
Mr. Robert Gregg, NATO Allied Command Transformation

Day 2 (03 November, 1430 / 0930 (CET / EDT))

Mr. Dave Flanagan, Garrison Technology
Mr. Fatih Özcan, Aselsan
Mr. Ben Ford, Commando Development

Day 3 (04 November, 1430 / 0930 (CET / EDT))

LtCol Miguel Gonzalez Merino, NATO C2COE
Per Wikberg, Swedish Defence Research Agency
 LtCol Jurgen Welsch, NATO Joint Air Power Competency Centre


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, this year’s edition of the NATO C2COE Annual C2 Seminar will be conducted, like last year, as an interactive webinar.

The webinar can be viewed on a computer as well mobile devices.


Participating in the webinar is free of charge.  


This year’s seminar will take place entirely online from 2 – 4 November 2021.

Starting at 1430 CET. Each webinar day will be around 2-3 hours.


COL Sönke Marahrens

Colonel i.G. Dipl. Inform. Sönke Marahrens, MPA is the Head of the Research Department “Strategy and Armed Forces” at the German Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies (GIDS) in Hamburg. 

Dave "Flash" Flanagan

Flash (Dave Flanagan) is an experienced enterprise architect who has previously spent more than twenty years in the Defence & National Security sector working for and with major Systems Integrators to successfully deliver secure solutions to various national and international communities.

Fatih Özcan

Fatih Özcan managed Command Control projects in Air Defense, Fire Support, Electronic Warfare, Manoeuvre Control etc. He has experience on System Engineering and has CSEP certificate. He is also involved in technology management of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data etc. He is now working as manager of Command Control System Engineering in Aselsan.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Reilly

Dr. Reilly is a retired Army officer with 26 years of active-duty service. His theater-level planning and operations experience includes serving as a theater level combined and joint operations officer, plans division chief, and member of the Secretary of Defense’s “two major theater war” plans team. He is the author of Operational Design: Distilling Clarity from Complexity for Decisive Action and a co-founder of the Over the Horizon digital journal.

Dr. Per Wikberg

Dr. Wikberg started his career as an Army officer in 1986 at the Norrland Dragoon Regiment, currently the Army’s Ranger Battalion. His primary research interest has been the methodological problems associated with empirical studies in large and complex settings in the context of organizational development. 

Robert Gregg

Robert Gregg has served as the deputy branch head for Operational Command and Control at NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, Virginia for the past 11 years. Mr. Gregg previously served for five years as an Operations Research Analyst at ACT in the Defence Planning Subdivision. His current projects include Multiple Domain Operations and Cross Domain Command and Control.

LtCol Jurgen Welsch

Lieutenant Colonel Jurgen Welsch is a NATO Air C2 SME at the C4ISR Branch of the Joint Air & Space Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) in Kalkar, Germany. His focus areas lie on Joint All Domain Operations (JADO) and Joint All Domain C2 (JADC2). Previous appointments include various C2 positions both on the Tactical and Operational level.

Ben Ford

Ben Ford is the founder of Commando Development, a firm which leverages his deep background and experience in enterprise IT as well as his years in service as a Royal Marine to the benefit of technology teams in startups and large enterprises.

LTC Miguel Gonzalez Merino

LtCol Gonzalez Merino serves as a staff officer within the Analysis & Concepts branch of the NATO C2COE and his work and expertise has contributed to: the multi-domain operations C2 – demonstrator (MDOC2-D), NATO Force Structure (NFS) JTF HQ Handbook 3rd Edition, and regularly as a instructor to the NATO School Oberammergau’s (NSO) Comprehensive Operations Planning Course (COPC) as a C2 subject matter expert.


Originally the Annual C2 Seminar was planned to be held in İzmir, Turkey, however due to the COVID19-pandemic we decided to switch from a traditional Seminar to a webinar, an online live conference which will be interactive with participants getting information, asking questions and discussing in real-time. 

Recorded and presented in-house from our office in Utrecht we can assure that it will be a great alternative to our ‘normal’ Seminar. And… participation is free.


About us

The Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) was established in 2007 on the initiative of the Netherlands to create a group of Command and Control (C2) Subject Matter Experts supporting the transformation activities of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and of the Sponsoring Nations of the NATO C2COE (Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and the USA; Estonia joined as latest member in 2013). We support NATO, nations and international institutions/ organisations with subject matter expertise on Command & Control.


Let us know when you have additional questions or issues regarding this seminar invitation.

Your point-of-contacts are LT A.E. (Adrian) Granillo (USA N) and Mr. (Max) van Rijn (NLD CIV).

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