C2 Information Sharing | Garrison Technology | Dave “Flash” Flanagan

Military mission and coalition partnership requires close, synchronous coordination to ensure safety and success. In an environment that continuously evolves beyond the traditional domains (i.e. air, maritime, and land) and extends beyond the seemingly more difficult cyber and space sectors, the ability to act fluidly and to achieve mission objectives becomes predicated on a commander and their staff’s ability to access, share, and interpret information alongside their partners. The combination of information sharing and collaboration are key enablers. The restraints placed on “need-to-know” and individual’s security protocols and procedures makes this cycle of observation and orientation increasingly more difficult, but what if there was a way to enhance situational awareness without inherent sacrifice to internal security practices?

Garrison Technology works to resolve this issue for military leaders faced with the information sharing and collaborative access conundrum. Through reliance on widely available commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and enhanced, hardware-based security mechanisms, Garrison Technology looks to streamline a commander and their staff’s day-to-day battle rhythm and ultimately refine their internal C2 processes. This exchange enhancement is balanced with the principals that technical enforcement should be transparent to the user and that the process of gathering, and disseminating be familiar to the end point user.

In this episode, we delve deeper into the question of what it means to securely collaborate and exploit information, and how that information sharing act can be done in a more seamless way. To further elaborate on the work their company is doing and the benefit to NATO, we are joined by Dave “Flash” Flanagan of Garrison Technology.

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