Mission Statement

We support NATO, nations and international institutions/organisations with subject matter expertise on Command and Control.

Our main level of interest is C2 at the Operational level with a focus on C2 Processes and Structures, Information and Knowledge Management, and Human Factors (including Leadership).

Department Head Investigation

In order to support the Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation’s (HQ SACT) responsibility for translating NATO Education & Training requirements into solutions for the individual and collective training spectrum, to assemble a Discipline Education & Training program and to take part in the quality assurance processes the functionality of Department… [read more…]

SACT Programme on Autonomy

Technological change is advancing at an exponential rate. This is quite apparent in technologies such as autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Understanding these technologies and their potential impacts is significantly important for NATO. The SACT Programme on Autonomy will develop and propose a common understanding of autonomy in NATO,… [read more…]

Information Age Command and Control Concepts

Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC) – 2017-2018 Cycle The aim point of the overall project is to identify and assess the impact of emerging and evolving technologies, along with innovative approaches for improving and adapting command and control. The NATO C2COE is contributing to Work strand (A) of this project…. [read more…]