Mission Statement

We support NATO, nations and international institutions/organisations with subject matter expertise on Command and Control.

Our main level of interest is C2 at the Operational level with a focus on C2 Processes and Structures, Information and Knowledge Management, and Human Factors (including Leadership).

C2 Focus area

SACT, General (FRA, AF) Mercier is very focussed on C2. During an “All Hands” address given on 8 December 2015 he stated: “The Alliance needs a capacity, a solid and modern foundation enabling forces to permanently maintain the right level of readiness and responsiveness”. This capacity is achieved through six… [read more…]

Mapping of the term C2

Examination of existing NATO documents (with an emphasis on Level 1 and Level 2 AJPs) that define and describe Command, Control and their combined use as C2. Promote the final results as a coherent overview on C2 aspects in NATO and recommend solutions for any shortfalls discovered. This structured approach… [read more…]

C2 in the Cyber Domain

At the Warsaw Summit in July 2016, Allied Heads of State and Government reaffirmed NATO’s defensive mandate and recognised cyberspace as a domain of operations in which NATO must defend itself as effectively as it does in the air, on land and at sea. This will improve NATO’s ability to… [read more…]