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Last week, at the C4ISR Global Conference 2024 in London (hosted by @defenceIQ), Colonel Mietta Groeneveld, Director of NATO C2COE, elaborated on deployed Operational C2 capabilities, addressing contemporary challenges within the context of the NATO C2COE. She emphasized the challenges of synchronizing the military with non-military entities, helping to overcome the technical implications for executing Multi-Domain Operations.

“If you are only connected to your own national entities, you cannot effectively perform NATO MDO. While new technology is beneficial, there is an urgent need for a cultural shift in command,” Colonel Groeneveld emphasized during her speech.

She highlighted three critical aspects of NATO MDO:
In her speech she stressed the three aspects play a vital role in NATO MDO:
1: It requires seamless coordination and synchronization among multiple nations across all domains, extending beyond the military.
2: Rather than focusing solely on immediate actions within seconds, NATO MDO emphasizes achieving lasting effects over time.
3: In addition to physical actions, there should be a stronger emphasis on the cognitive and virtual dimensions. Changing policies to data centric security is essential.



C4ISR Global 2024 was a pivotal two-day event that centered on the future demands of international C4ISR, emphasizing the utilization of technological advancements and the preservation of resilience within interconnected systems. With a keen eye on potential threats posed by peer competitors and the vulnerabilities inherent in current capabilities, the conference delved into strategies aimed at maximizing ISR potential. Discussions spanned the spectrum from refining methods of processing and exploiting intelligence to effectively disseminating actionable insights to decision-makers. It served as a crucial platform for fostering collaboration and innovation in the realm of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR).


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