Last week, The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence joined the Incident Development Workshop for the planning and preparation phase STEADFAST DUEL 2024, set to take place in the autumn.

During the MEL/MIL Incident Development Workshop NATO C2COE Staff Officer Lt.Col Jan ter Braake contributed by adding C2 expertise and advice to incident development. This expertise supported the development teams JFC Naples and the Joint Warfare Centre Stavanger (JWC) in the creation of storylines to challenge different headquarters, ensuring their operational readiness, focusing on comprehensive defence strategies, including cyber and space operations.

STEADFAST DUEL 2024, directed by JWC and scheduled for the autumn, is a major joint exercise aimed at enhancing NATO’s defence capabilities across the Euro-Atlantic area. JFC Naples and Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) will be the primary training audiences, focusing on comprehensive operational readiness, including cyber and space domains. The NATO C2COE will play a supporting role

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Pictures by: JWC PAO

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