On 22 November 2022, the NATO C2COE and the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre (CJWC) signed a memorandum of understanding to express their desire to collaborate on C2 development for the benefit of the Alliance.

To underline this special relationship, the Director of NATO C2COE, accompanied by two staff members, attended in person on 26 June the formal CJWC change of command. Supervised by the Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command, VADM Auchterlonie (CAN N), COL Horner (CAN AF) handed his responsibilities over to COL Michaud (CAN A).

The next day, 27 June, was dedicated to evaluating the collective efforts behind the 2023 C2 seminar and the recently published Military Academic Journal, “Annals of C2.” The Director thanked the CJWC members for their great contribution. The development timeline and some process refinements for the next edition of the Annals were agreed upon, and further cooperation was discussed.

As another main ongoing work strand, the delegates extensively discussed the development of the 2024 C2 conference. During the meeting, the CJWC presented the status of some of the C2 projects, including their C2 wargaming efforts.

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