Last week, during at the Swedish Annual event “Ledningsdagen” which focused on Command and Control, Major Ralph Dekker delivered a session on the latest developments in C2 and Multi-Domain Operations from an independent NATO C2COE perspective. This event, organized by the Swedish Defence Research Agency, aimed to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of Command and Control. Besides the presentation from Maj Dekker, the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence University, and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration provided presentations on research as well as practical insights valuable for the development of C2.

The key-takeaway event was the introduction of a Swedish roadmap for future C2, a crucial tool for seamless integration with NATO, given that Sweden is its newest member nation. Magdalena Granåsen, the main organizer of the event: This event showcased the Swedish incentive to move forwards with (and into) NATO with close cooperation from academia and Swedish industry.

The event attracted over 60 on-site participants and more than 200 unique online listeners, making it a resounding success.

About FOI:

FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, stands as one of Europe’s leading research institutes in defense and security. As a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Defence, FOI primarily undertakes assignment-based activities. Its major clients include the Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, the Government Offices, and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

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