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In the annual cycle is the annual meeting of the representatives of the participating nations, the so-called Steering Board Meeting, and during that time the determination of the work content of the coming year, a cornerstone if not the milestone in the calendar of NATO C2COE.

The compendium now available to you is the result of the multinational coordination process and lines out the work contents of the NATO C2COE for the year 2020. A very broad spectrum is required, ranging from theoretical groundwork, practical input into the evaluation of relevant certification exercises of NATO headquarters, to the development of a further, previously unperformed field of activity, education and training.

The important work to support NATO HQs at operational and strategic level is also in demand for 2020 and the competence is recognized and confirmed. In very challenging times, especially in the area of personnel growth in the NATO Command Structure, and the resulting consequences of the personnel situation of NATO C2COE, prioritizing the requested support must be reconciled with our own projects which, in our view, are evident for Nato´s advancement. Have we covered this broad spectrum?

Take a look at this overview of the topics we are dealing with in the focus 2020 and form your own opinion.

And if you would like to participate, or if you would like to influence the future NATO with your contribution, do not hesitate and let us talk about participation as a partner, and thus as a participant in the NATO C2COE Steering Board Meeting.

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