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The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) conducted its annual seminar on the topic of “Executing Command and Control in a Multi-Domain Environment: Who is in Command and Who do we Control” from November 8th to 10th, 2022.

It was a pleasure to see the Command and Control community back together in person, after two years of virtual webinars. The event was held at the Majoor Jan Linzel Complex in The Hague, the Netherlands and welcomed over 80 attendees from various backgrounds, including NATO Command- and Force Structure (NCS and NFS), non-governmental organizations, academia, and defense industry partners. A diverse group of participants from over 12 different nations were in attendance, leading to productive and stimulating discussions

The objective of the seminar was to inform, challenge and to engage with participants on the concepts and theories of multi-domain operations (MDO) and multi-domain command and control (MDC2) by presenting the most recent understandings and perspectives on command and control in a complex operating environment. To accomplish this, the NATO C2COE invited a variety of experts from academia and within the Alliance to present their perspectives on various aspects of MDO and MDC2, highlighting its growing significance and providing a foundation for cC2 in future battlefields.

Within NATO, there is a range of interpretations of the concept of MDO from both a military and academic perspective. This may be due to the need for an overarching concept for current and future operations across the spectrum from competition to conflict to military operations. Often, the focus is on the need for new equipment to support the MDO concept. However, the NATO C2COE’s perspective is that MDO is not just about acquiring new equipment, but rather a new way of thinking about actions and effects. MDO is a concept, rather than just a set of tools or equipment.

The seminar, which included a networking event the evening before, was held over two days and each day focused on a different theme. The event featured live presentations and discussions by renowned military officers, academics, and experts in their field. The sessions were moderated by the NATO C2COE director, Colonel Mietta Groeneveld (NLD A).

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